About Us!

Savvy Shop Products™ is a Certified Minority Owned Skin Care & Beauty Brand. We make clean, natural, plant-based skin care and hair care products designed to nourish and heal. Our products are free of toxic chemicals, dyes, and added perfumes making them safe to use on individuals with sensitive skin. Simply a Clean, Family-Friendly, Plant-Based Beauty Brand that Cares. 

Our Story

After a frustrating bout with eczema, Nikki crafted a steroid-free, plant-based salve to help relieve her daughter, Savvy’s, eczema. Within 2 days, all the eczema was gone! During a follow-up visit to Savvy’s pediatrician, impressed by the results, the pediatrician encouraged Nikki to share her gift with the world. Savvy Shop Products was born, affectionately named after her daughter, Savvy— the inspiration behind many of Savvy Shop Products.

Because our products are crafted by hand with organic, plant-based ingredients, color may vary for each batch, but rest assured, the same quality products, care, love, and attention is infused with every order. 

Being a family with allergies, sensitive to products made with toxic ingredients, we crafted our products with these factors in mind. What does that mean? It means our products are crafted with all natural, organic ingredients you can trust. Providing family-friendly products made with natural ingredients free from toxic chemicals, steroids, and harmful dyes, is our cornerstone. Savvy Shop Products™ --clean, natural, sustainable beauty for the entire family. 



About the Founder

Nikki has always loved and been fascinated by the healing power of plants and herbs.

As a young child, Nikki's mother, an avid naturopath, raised the family to appreciate and utilize natural resources to heal and boost overall health.  As a young adult, she was diagnosed with a thyroid disease that required medicine.  Leaning on her holistic roots, She was able to heal her thyroid, naturally, and no longer require any medication.  This foundation is the backbone Savvy Shop Products™ is founded upon-- a natural, plant-based, healing approach to get results.


Thank you for supporting this small business and feel free to share our products with your friends and family! We invite you to enjoy the benefits of Savvy Shop Products™ -- a clean beauty brand that cares!



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Enjoy your results!
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